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If you are looking for an alternative investment opportunity for your excess capital, Invest Differently can help you find the best place to put your money!

Popular Invest Differently Investment Ideas

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are a great investment, especially is you are only looking to invest a few thousand pounds. They are cheap, but have high financial returns thanks to government schemes. You also receive free solar electricity! A great investment choice, and one that is also secure, as you will know the rates you are eligible for before spending your hard earned money. Solar Panel Investments orĀ Find Cheap Local Solar Panel Installers


For many, the idea of investing in a car may sound crazy – cars are notorious for rapid depreciation, right?! Not all cars are made equal, and if you choose the right slightly older car, the price can actually start to appreciate, making you a handsome profit from your investment.

Car investment is the obvious choice for any car enthusiast, with a great opportunity to turn a passion in to a profitable investment. Brand new, the Porsche 550 Spyder was less than $7,000 USD, but now fetch more than $3.6 million USD. Find out more about how you can make money from your investment in cars.


Find a project you like the sound of, and put some money to make that project a reality. This form of investment often requires a team of similar minded individuals each making a small financial contribution, creating a larger pot of funds to get a business or idea off the ground, or grow an already established business. Risks can be high, but rewards can be lucrative. Crowdcube is a great place to start looking for crowdfunded investment opportunities.

Invest Differently hopes to help you find a unique or unusual investment opportunity for your money. Whether you are looking to spend a little, or a lot, you can find a great investment opportunity with Invest Differently.

From solar panels, to cars, and everything wild and wonderful in between, Invest Differently will explore the world of alternative investments. With all investments, it is important to consider any potential downsides or losses. Solar panels, with their government backed feed-in tariff scheme can be a safe investment, with set return rates. Other forms of alternative investment can be more risky, such as crowdfunding, which often involves providing financial support to a new and unproven business.

The most important aspect of investing differently is to choose something that you will enjoy.

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